Her love, her heart

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I never thought it possible

I never even dreamt it could be

No one would ever come into my life

And change it as much as she

Who is it that creates such a stir?

That has shaken my heart from its foundation?

No one has ever moved me from my resolve

Yet all I feel is adoration

In her I see what is missing in my soul

A want and need has awaken within me

I want to accept it, allow it to flow

A love that’s brought me to my knee

A glance of her eyes brings me warmth

Her hand in mine, and I feel at peace

A touch of her lips, and I’m in heaven

A love I wish would never cease

A beautiful soul found me unknowing I was lost

Never knowing where the journey will impart

But I will hold on until I no longer can

To her, her love, her heart

By Jose R. Rivera


I am more than the story you know

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I am more than the story you know.

I am more than the story you know

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What do you see when you look at me?
Do you a see a person who is different?
Am I your equal?

I am more than the story you know.

I am a person who has history.
A person that has an honorable ancestry.
Your stereotypes are part of a story that is incomplete.

I am more than the story you know.

I wear my ethnicity proudly.
Not because I am better than you, but because I am different.
My ancestors were kind, but died extending their hands.

I am more than the story you know

I am of a strong working class, intelligent and articulate.
I can express my thoughts and ponder the secrets of our universe.
I can read Shakespeare and write my own poetry.

I am more than the story you know.

I can love with a passion that is deep and pure
I can grieve for those I have lost
My story is more complex than the one you possess.

I am more than the story you know

I am human just as you
When spilled my blood runs red just like yours
So when our path cross do not judge me for

I am more than the story you know

-by Jose Raul Rivera

As I sit

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As I sit here without my senses in tack
I look around wondering where I’m at
How did I arrive in this horrid place
How did I my family disgrace?

As I behold this room and those within
The cot I sleep in tattered and thin
I see mothers and babies, huddled they stand
Battered and beaten their spirits in strands

Each one here has their own story
Not of happiness and not of glory
There are no victors here only the defeated
Only tears of anguish flow: sorrow and mistreated

I look within myself trying to remember the past
This anniversary night should not have been the last
My heart is heavy. It fills with pain
I begin to remember the reason for my shame

I loved her with all that I could
In her heart and arms I never stood
She sent my heart spiraling down this descent
The pain and loss has become so immense

As I sit here its hard to remember this night
Its the alcohol, I used to drown my fright
When will this self destruction begin to end
When did this drug become my friend?

This place, this place; why am I here?
The residents all ask, it’s not so clear
Another night passed. A new day dawns
Another day without her in my arms.

-Jose Raul Rivera


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A path taken deliberately or in error
Still leads you to a destination
whether it’s a place you want to visit
or one you falter upon by fate

My paths have taken me to diverse places
some of my own volition
others out of despair and need
and some from when I became lost

Although my intent upon arrival was pure
some ultimately turned black from fear
the unknown can be scary and exciting
but betrayal can turn a love to ash

These paths have enriched my soul
providing light when darkness was prevailing
Understanding when I was filled with confusion
and friendship when I felt the loneliest

There are times the lessons are difficult
the true nature of humanity can be wearisome
the power of hate compelling
and the insidious reality of pain

We travel on paths within paths
with destinations unknown except for one
we unwittingly travel toward it every day
the eventual end of our paths and end of our journey
Image by http://www.emergenceearth.com/many-paths.html
Poem By Jose Rivera